Ever thought skull mexican tattoo designs could make you roll with laughter? Breaking the perspective of skull tattoos being scary, here’s a very cool skull mexican tattoo designs tat that is sure to make you smile for a while. Actually it’s not the tattoo that makes you smile but the cool hair partition. I really like the tattoo this fellow has on his head and the hairstyle too, which actually makes space for the mexican tattoo designs on one side. I think the other side doesn’t have any tattoo, but would still love to check out the other side too!

Creepy skull mexican tattoo designs . What makes it less fear provoking is the mocking way the skull mexican tattoo designs looks like peeping out of its shell to know what’s going around in the outside world and the best thing is the place where this is mexican tattoo designs. I don’t think, it means the guy is not pure at heart, right? On a personal note, I found this tat creepy yet funny!

skull mexican tattoo designs and once again not dreadful! At least doesn’t scare anyone, does it? Based on the image by the Grateful Dead, I like mexican tattoo designs and the flowers and all around the skull! A nice piece of art, I must say!


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