Gambler's Edition Gambler's Edition

Crystal Clear Chance Many Opportunities

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6:43 AM

Survival Survival

Techy-Revival Self-Rev...

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3:41 AM

Vista Mountains Vista Mountains

Vista Starter Edition ...

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3:33 PM

No menagament meeting today No menagament meeting today

I wonder why?

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3:15 AM

Drops of Life 1 Drops of Life 1

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1:30 PM

Always use protection! Always use protection!

Use it on the net, use it in the bed!

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7:17 AM

Irresistible Irresistible

Serenity: River WoW I just couldn't resist myself, loved the sho...

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6:15 AM

Some Refreshments Some Refreshments

A Martini Someone? ...

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6:02 PM

The Old Barn The Old Barn

Who lives here? Hobbits perhaps... This is the old barn

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5:00 AM

Locked Locked

The Rusty Padlock The Old Mistery Door

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8:54 AM

Open Doors Open Doors

Into the... A pick...

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3:58 PM

Yosemite Yosemite

Trees on bank Grace

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11:50 AM


SAY NO TO AI! I post this image as a protest note to blogger robots. But I guess they are just doing their job...

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11:36 AM

Clean to the Bone Clean to the Bone

Tech in Nature Orange. How tempting does that look?

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5:06 AM

Dark Times Dark Times

Eclipse Turn it up! Green Nightingale

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12:57 AM

The New 7 The New 7

The Colosseum, Italy ...

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6:03 AM

Summertime Summertime

Kia Ora Hotel Port at Sunset

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10:21 AM